jueves, 2 de julio de 2020


To me, these conclusions are important since they are based upon pragmatic questions. What I have always tried to understand is why the habitual language teaching process, be it traditional – strictly speaking – or the so-called “new schools,” still obtaining such poor results when they put these postulates and investigations into practice. The real performance of formal instruction – the a
mount of acquired and usable knowledge in relation to the time invested – has always se
emed to me to be weak and slow, not to say null in most cases. Furthermore, many reasoning and performance mistakes reappear with an astounding regularity amongst many people who have participated in such courses, mixing up the use of verb tenses, the correct use of genders, and many other unexplainable questions after months or even years of “studying” the target language, considering the huge amount of time invested in their attempt to master a foreign language.

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