jueves, 2 de julio de 2020


At a neuropsychological level, we may say that the underlying mechanism starts with the automatic productivity of the right hemisphere, yet preserving a good level of awareness with respect to the left hemisphere. For this reason, automatic productivity of the involuntary functions makes them appear as external to the self, the participant becoming aware of its unreality. At a deeper level of Hypnagogic Relaxation, a liberalisation of the iconic narration appears, and so the symbolisation phase starts. In this phase, the participant loses control of the instructor’s discourse, although he follows its contents. This symbolisation phase is practically the most active moment. It is achieved in a profound Hypnagogic State, which frequently takes place after the participant has experienced it on quite a few occasions. Profound self-absorption seldom emerges in the first attempt. Until today, not attaining the Hypnagogic State has not happened to me, as even the most stubborn and blocked participants reach symbolic deepening after a few attempts.

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