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CENTRO ELEUSIS Intensive spanish courses for adults through THE HYPNAGOLOGICAL METHOD

It's a great pleasure introducing CENTRO ELEUSIS to you all www.centroeleusis.net:

We have been working with this teaching/learning method during the last 28 years using psychological techniques in order to accelerate the learning process as much as possible. Among others, we make use of NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming), involving visual, auditory and kinestesic perceptions increasing drastically memory retention. Gestalt and Transactional Analysis are also used reinforcing self-confidence. During relaxation, Autogenic techniques are used.
The main point is to break the psychological barriers or negative expectations many people have about teaching methods and their own personal skills. That is why the starting point with the individual participant is detecting his/her learning self-style. We all have our own way to assimilate knowledge. Therefore, in all courses we begin with a personal meeting. First of all to be sure about the individual participant's level and learning style. Because of all the above mentioned, we do not use text books and/or grammar. Each participant develops his/her own skills in the new language.
Obviously, the job of the teacher is to know the gramatical level of the participant in order to give the pertinent explanations as to how to construct his/her own sentences in the target language. Thus, more important than a "gramatical explanation", a logical explanation using the language of the participant is given.
In each session there is an Active Part where the logical structure of the target language is assimilated. The concentration is on phonetics (pronunciation, intonation and rhythm). All participants must express themselves, transfering their own vocabulary into the new language. The way they express themselves in their own language will be the way they will speak the target language. Therefore, the use of language learning text books is unnecessary. In fact, each participant is creating his/her own "book" with his/her own vocabulary, ways of building sentences, speaking style, etc. At the same time we are dealing with syntax, that is, building complete sentences.  Always sentences, never phrases. Working with complete sentences implies the constant use of verbal tenses in Present, Past and Future all the time. It is absolutely important to get used to deal with verbal tenses right from the beginning. Phrases are a waste of time and create bad habits which are very difficult to change. And finally, at the same time, we are getting involved with semantics, that is, building many sentences in order to make real conversations expressing complete ideas about a given subject.

Following the Active Part, we concentrate on the Passive Part, where the participant gets into a profound relaxation reaching the Hypnagogic State (also called Alpha State). This Hypnagogic State can be described as relaxing awareness, without any stress. A special kind of instrumental music is played (flute, guitar, sounds from the sea, or a constant stream) which are designed to create a relaxing atmosphere, making the memory more opened and capable to remember new information. During relaxation, the instructor works with the teaching material from the Active Part, with his voice following the music while the participant is just relaxing and assimilating automatically the structure of the new language. Because of this, it is not necessary at all to make any homework.
All this process creates optimal abilities and skills in the target language HERE and NOW. The participants do not need to study Spanish for years, or even months or weeks. There are, of course, different levels. Each level consists of 50 sessions. When reaching level 3 the participant speaks Spanish fluently. If the participant is a complete beginner in 150 sessions can be fluent. The modules of 50 sessions were experimentally designed for adults from 40 to 80 years of age. Obviously, if the participant is younger, it goes even faster.
Our most intensive Spanish Course is the Crash-Course, also called "brainwashing course"= 7 days. During that week, a complete beginner reaches level 2, being a very good level for communication. This Crash Course is used a lot by companies who need to learn the target language immediately. But, for example, for older people we recommend a Half-Intensive Course.
If you are interested, you are welcome at: www.centroeleusis.net
If you contact us, we will send all the information about our training possibilities, levels, prices, etc.

Best regards,
Carlos Valle Romo, Cand. Psyk.
Director and Consultant


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