sábado, 11 de julio de 2020


“I live in Los Angeles, own an International Jewerly company and travel over 200 days a year, so I obviously meet a lot of people. However, my week with Carlos at the Centro Eleusis was one of the most rewarding of my life in so many ways… I didn’t speak a word of Spanish when I arrived and I was excited but a bit skeptical. However, on the 4th day I suddenly started to dream in Spanish and on my 5th day I started speaking Spanish. And on the 7th and last day I had a conversation… I have a hard time sitting still and concentrate for more than 30 minutes, but somehow I was captured by Carlos’ incredible technique known as Hypnagological Method, where he managed to keep me focused for 10 hours a day… Carlos is a fantastic guy. He is very intelligent, very well educated and very entertaining. My language course went beyond learning a new language and we had many great discussions about history, religion, psychology, language, art and life… I can highly recommend this to anyone. I am sending my Brazilian Girlfriend to learn Danish and next year I want to come back to reach an even higher level (level 3) of Spanish… Best way of learning I ever experienced, while I was having a lot of fun…”

Jannik Olander, CEO & Head of Design/ NIALAYA JEWELRY

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