jueves, 2 de julio de 2020


The logical processes of discourse disappear in the symbolisation phase, and the iconic images are recomposed, associated, mixed, restructured, etc., under the influence of the Gestaltic figure-background. These varied and unpredictable images imbue the participants with creative force, with more or less blockings, simply making them tacitly interested in the process in which they find themselves in that precise moment. A true “unrest” or curiosity appears which leads to the creative impulse, associated to an emotion or feeling which is equally projected in that moment. Once the iconic and symbolic phases are completed, the hypnagogic contents is incorporated to the self and to its memory mechanisms, just like the imaginative-creative elaboration which turns him into a truly active and efficient participant during the subsequent Logical-Rational State. Thus, the creative process takes place first, transforming the logical-rational discourse into an iconic-symbolic discourse. Also, it brings along recombinations which seem to be disordered and accelerated. However, this Covered Disorder is always assessed and selected by the residual self which in turn retransfers it to a concrete logical-rational level, which memorises or stores the results obtained for its later immediate use.

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