lunes, 6 de enero de 2020


Apparently, it sounds like a bad advert from a TV-shop, isn't it? But it is not the case with what I have experienced this week.
CENTRO ELEUSIS, situated in Benalmádena in Southern Spain works exactly with this type of teaching.
All this week has been fantastic. Several people in my network have recommended CENTRO ELEUSIS to me, but honestly, I thought "hypnagological" sounded a bit hocus-pocus. After a very interesting meeting back in March, it was clear that there was something good about it. Carlos was extremely trustworthy, resolute and acted with a confidence that clearly showed there was more behind than a hocus-pocus.

I have been through an intensive Crash-Course (7 days) with Carlos at Centro Eleusis this week. It has been the most amazing journey and I think shocking (though definitely in the most positive way) into the Spanish language. I started as a beginner, being very poor my knowledge in Spanish. So we started from bottom last Monday. And I have NEVER experienced such an amazing and also effective learning method… Blown away… I am in one week, actually only 6 days gone from novice to now being able to communicate in Spanish, as well as writing… It has given me a complete linguistic confidence in Spanish which is beyond this world. The training is without any homework, in beautiful sorroundings, and with the included breaks where I got into a trance/sleep state being filled-up subconsciously with vocabulary and rules. It was a lot of fun.
Finally, Carlos, as a person, is one of the most understanding and motivating individuals I have met. I can fully give Carlos and CENTRO ELEUSIS my absolute warmest recommendation.
Should somebody need evidence, contact me at +34604285094. Tobber Witt. CEO - INTEGRITY.


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