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Centro Eleusis: 30 years of activity with accelerative language learning for adults

We speak, of course, about Centro Eleusis, which uses a Hypnagological Method to accelerate language learning for adults.

Centro Eleusis was established on the Costa del Sol in 1990 by Carlos Valle Romo (seen in the photo below), which is Cand. Psyk., University of Copenhagen. Carlos gives here a summary of activities in psycho-linguistics during his phenomenal 30-year long career:
Although Centro Eleusis has carried out activities in managerial psychology, clinical psychology and sports psychology, we here focus specifically on a chronological statistic that underlines the language teaching activities.

Throughout the Hypnagological Method with the use of psychological techniques that stimulate accelerated language learning for adults, with a well defined copyright, both in the EU and USA, we have in the last 30 years engaged us to provide intensive language courses - especially in Spanish and English - because of the market's high demand.

The result of these 30 years of continuous activity, shows us the following relevant points:

1. Number of participants by nationality: - 52 different nationalities:
Most participants come from European countries, but mainly from northern Europe, for example, Germany, Belgium, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Great Britain, Holland, Iceland, etc.
Over the past year the number of participants from Russia, Ukranien and Poland has increased tremendously.
 In the context of accelerating English language learning. the participants come here from Spain, Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Chile, Argentina, Panama, Brazil, Ecuador and elsewhere.
We must emphasize that most of the above mentioned participants DO NOT have lived on the Costa del Sol and many times nor here in Spain, but have come from their own country to take part in our intensive courses. The same is true for other countries: either we go to them or they come to us.
Nationally, that is, in Spain, we have had participants from Andalucía, Catalonian, Basque Country, Valencia, the Canary Islands, Ibiza, Madrid, etc.

2. Participants' level of education: Although most had and have a profile on high educational level, such as lawyers, architects, doctors, businessmen, entrepreneurs, business owners, dentists, psychologists, psychiatrists, consultants in coaching, accountants, engineers, economists, veterinarians , etc., we must not forget participants with an excellent technical education (both informatics and other technical activity), such as salespeople, secretaries, receptionists, nurses, physiotherapists, chiropractors, models, and athletes.
And a very important point: We have completed many courses with participants with no education. Also participants with learning disabilities; dyslexia (which is my speciality);  

3. The age of participants: 12 to 83 years of age. Most of the participants are between 30 to 60 years old. It is also relevant to mention that many participants are retirees who have settled here in Spain.

4. Type of courses: Individual, couple or in a group.
The vast majority of our courses are intensive courses of 10, 7 and / or 5 days, depending on the individual student's needs.
The majority of the courses are given at our premises, Centro Eleusis on the Costa del Sol. Nevertheless, we have given many courses in corporate classrooms and / or in private homes. We have traveled all over Spain (especially Barcelona, ​​Ibiza, Tenerife and Valencia) and outside Spain to Denmark, Norway, Russia, Ukranien, United States (California) and Mexico.
Finally, this gives us an overview of how and where we have been teaching through our psycholinguistic activities during the last 30 years.
Due to the optimal results we provide, the flow of participants continuous in a positive way and basically through the participants' own recommendations.
We have a quick way to solve the biggest problem most companies have: namely, language barrier.
And for foreign residents living in Spain who just want to socialize in their new surroundings and / or start new professional working activities up using a new language learned via optimal speed.
For further information you can visit their website here: through which you can contact Carlos Valle Romo about his different courses types, levels, prices, etc..
A NEW LANGUAGE ... A NEW WORLD is their slogan!

And here from the editors, we say, 'hablar español es muy, muy importante y un placer saberlo' (to speak Spanish is very important and a delight to be able to).

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